Posts from February 2019

Worship Documents for Sunday, February 10, 2019

You can read and download the worship order and the upcoming events and announcements for the upcoming Sunday at Berryton United Methodist Church as PDF documents using the links below: 2019-02-10 Upcoming Events and Announcements 2019-02-10 Worship Order Call to Worship One: From you comes my praise in the great congregation; All: my vows I…

Readiness 360 News Release – February 2019

Download the News Release, including graphics, at Readiness 360 News Release for Berryton UMC Overview Congratulations for being willing to engage in a serious conversation about your readiness to reach new people in new ways! The Christian movement in North America was strong for so many generations because churches planted new churches that planted new…

February 2019 Newsletter

You can read and download the latest newsletter from Berryton United Methodist Church as a PDF document using the link below: 2019-01 Newsletter for Berryton United Methodist Church Click here for newsletters from prior months