2019 Nehemiah Action Assembly

Berryton United Methodist Church is one of over 20 churches in Shawnee County who are part of Topeka Justice, Unity, and Ministry Project (JUMP) which seeks to address serious community problems by working across dividing lines and empowering community members to create solutions that impact them personally.

Following the Biblical example found in chapter 5 of the book of Nehemiah, you are invited to gather for the pinnacle event of the year for Topeka JUMP – the 2019 Nehemiah Action Assembly on Monday, April 29 at 7 p.m. at Most Pure Heart of Mary Catholic Church at 3601 SW 17th Street. At this gathering, people from across the county will show support for well-researched solutions to local issues of justice. Trained leaders will present our proposals and discuss them with the appropriate officials to determine a plan forward.

Everyone in the church should mark their calendar for the pinnacle event of the Justice Ministry year called the Nehemiah Action Assembly (April 29, 7pm at Most Pure Heart of Mary)! Stay tuned for more information as the spring continues!!!

You are invited to discover more about Topeka JUMP and how to be involved at our congregation’s JUMP Network Meeting on Monday, February 25 in the Parlor. Anyone interested in this justice ministry is welcome to attend.