Readiness 360 News Release – February 2019

Download the News Release, including graphics, at Readiness 360 News Release for Berryton UMC


Congratulations for being willing to engage in a serious conversation about your readiness to reach new people in new ways! The Christian movement in North America was strong for so many generations because churches planted new churches that planted new churches. Untold thousands of churches, decade after decade, state after state! Only a small percentage of today’s churches still have multiplication of ministry on their radar. Your church does – and that sets you apart!

Berryton United Methodist Church asked several of its leaders and participants to participate in the Readiness 360 process. The survey many of you took assesses your church’s spiritual and practical readiness for faithful and effective ministry in the 21st century. 48 persons took the Readiness 360, a mix of staff, key leaders and active ministry participants.

Readiness 360 assesses four critical capacities for multiplying thriving ministries. In the rating system visualized in the news release (see link above), your church’s level of multiplication energy is indicated by the number of rabbits (God’s most adorable multipliers). The more multiplication energy your church has, the more ready you will be to start something new. Berryton United Methodist Church is strongest in terms of Spiritual Intensity and is most challenged in terms of Cultural Openness.

Spiritual Intensity

There is some fire in people’s hearts at Berryton United Methodist Church, but it isn’t burning as brightly as it should. Berryton United Methodist Church has some work to do in strengthening the personal connection between your people and God and God’s mission for you in the world. It would be wise to spend some time reconnecting with God through renewing spiritual practices both personally and as a church body.

Dynamic Relationships

In some respects, your church has seen some amazing relationships and friendships across the years. However, the DNA of these relationships is not currently indicative of the church as a whole. You have some work to do in terms of cultivating trust within the church and relating effectively to folks who are different from the majority of the members.

Missional Alignment

Many folks at your church have a good sense of where God is calling you to go, but others are not aligned with this point of view. There is seldom enough personnel or financial resources to run in many directions at once. Now is a time for serious conversation about Berryton United Methodist Church’s priorities.

Cultural Openness

On one hand, many in the church want to reach diverse people, but many in the church still have great apprehension about what this might mean in terms of changing the face of Berryton United Methodist Church. There may be some limitations in terms of how far the church is able to reach toward different kinds of people in the next few years. Open communication will be critical.

Your church’s leaders have received a more detailed report with recommendations about how your church might quickly move itself into a position of greater readiness for birthing a new God-thing!