Winter Weather Update from Andrew Conard for November 25, 2018

Hello Friends – Just a reminder about my Sunday winter weather policy. If I can get to the church, I will make sure there is a pot of coffee. If no one shows up, I will drink a few cups and go back home. If two or three of us show up, we will have a cup of coffee and go back home. If ten or fifteen of us show up, we’ll all have a cup of coffee and talk about whether we want to go back home. If more than that show up, we will have worship.

Most importantly PLEASE use wisdom and good judgment. If you are uncertain whether or not you should try to drive, don’t. We would rather have you safe at home than in an accident, injured, or worse. Safety is the priority. Stay warm, stay dry, stay upright, and know you are not alone.

Rev. Andrew Conard

Due to the winter weather, we will plan to decorate the sanctuary on Wednesday, November 28.

Feel free to stop by any time after 5 p.m.